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Shave’n Go – Berry

Shave’n Go – Lime


Are you looking for a quick and effective hair removal solution with no need for water?

Our exceptional hair removal product sets new standards and eliminates unwanted hair faster and more efficiently than ever before.

As Shave’n Go gently and painlessly removes your hair, it also simultaneously provides your skin with a peeling effect. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Shave’n Go is your reliable companion for a consistently well-groomed appearance.

Dive into the world of Shave’n Go and explore a new level of comfort, efficiency, and skincare.

Welcome to your new beauty secret!

Shave’n Go – Berry

Our ‘Berry’ color is a beautiful touch of deep, ripe fruit that brings elegance and vibrancy to your beauty routine. This sensual shade reminiscent of juicy berries ripened in the sun.

Shave’n Go – Lime

Our ´Lime ´ color is like a breath of fresh energy for your beauty routine. This vibrant hue is reminiscent of sun-kissed limes and radiates with its lively green, a spark of freshness.

Which glass strength suits my skin?

General information:

Longer hair must be trimmed or cut before using your shaver. Shaven’Go is ideal for shorter or trimmed hair.

Before a full shave, do a patch test on a small area of skin to make sure the glass is suitable for your skin type.


Our medium-sharp frosted glass is ideal for sensitive skin that is prone to redness.

  • For sensitive skin
  • For dry skin
  • For thinner skin
  • For sensitive skin areas

Our strong-sharp nano glass is ideal for normal or insensitive skin.

  • For normal skin
  • For insensitive skin areas

As this is a coarser glass, please handle gently and carefully without applying any pressure.

Application: How It Works

Step 1: Preparing the Skin

For optimal results, start with towel-dried skin, making it ideal after a shower or bath. Make sure that your skin is clean and not oily (free from lotion). If you’re using Shave’n Go on the go, ensure your skin isn’t excessively dry before application.

Step 2: Circular Motions

Gently glide the hair remover in circular motions over the area you wish to shave. Apply slight pressure for effective and soft hair removal. It’s crucial to use the Crystal Hair Remover slowly and gently to avoid irritating the skin.

Step 3: After Care

To enhance your experience and maintain long-lasting results, we recommend applying a calming body lotion (ideally perfume free) after using Shave’n Go. This step ensures a soothing and hydrated feel on your skin.

Join the ranks of #SmoothSkinStarsHere and discover the convenience and effectiveness of Shave'n Go for yourself!

NOTE ! Remember that individual skin reactions may vary, so it's essential to monitor how your skin responds and make adjustments accordingly !


What level of sharpness suits me?

  • Nanoglass technology involves a specialized material composed of nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are arranged in a regular pattern, resulting in an exceptionally smooth surface.
  • The nanoparticles in Nanoglass technology create a barrier on the material’s surface, preventing dirt, water, and other particles from penetrating the surface. This makes cleaning and maintaining the material easier.
  • Overall, Nanoglass technology offers an enhanced protective layer for glass and ceramic materials, improving their durability and aesthetic qualities.

How Does the Shave’n Go Work?

  • You lightly rub the Shave’n Go on your skin in a circular motion, the hair will clump together and slough off. The result is similar to shaving, as you’re removing the hair at the follicle opening, not the root (like you do with waxing).The top is smooth, while the underside has a crystalline surface.
  • As the Shave’n Go thoroughly removes hair from the skin, it also acts as a peeling. This means you can say goodbye to problems such as ‘strawberry legs’, ingrown hairs, skin irritation and razor burn and look forward to softer, and smoother skin.
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